[SIZE=xx-large]Trial Test is Available at Discord[/SIZE]


[SIZE=xx-large]Important Links [/SIZE]

Discord Server : https://discord.gg/8ypbvdQ

DM on Discord : MODesigns#2310 ( if you have any problem contact me )

Official Email : [email protected]

Official Website : https://ugodlike.pw/

Buy Key : http://*******/2Gks3Xy

Download Emulator : https://tgb.qq.com/en/games/pubg.html


[SIZE=xx-large]General Terms [/SIZE]

  1. Prices on the site are fixed and can only be reduced in times of special offers.
  2. Unfortunately “uGODLIKE” no services are offered free of charge permanently or in return for an intangible fee.
  3. Opening Chargeback or Dispute leads for a Permanent Ban from all of our Services/Products
  4. In case of violation of the terms, We may impose a fine to return the service you estimate and is entitled to set the price without placing it in the conditions.
  5. We entitled to change any of the terms on this page at the time it deems appropriate and the customer must follow the conditions even if he does not receive an alert.

[SIZE=xx-large]Obligations of Our clients[/SIZE]

  1. Client have the Full responsibility Toward keeping his account/Key safe and not sharing it with anyone
  2. It is prohibited to infringe on the Other Clients or Support by verbal or verbal abuse directly or indirectly intentionally or unintentionally. We will strictly deal with this matter. Your service may be terminated permanently without any refund. .
  3. Defamation of institutions Recently, we find that the most Internet users from the owners of the nearest thing to them is defamation and we are in such actions for any reason and the contract between you and the company is null in case of defamation and you are not entitled to claim any rights

[SIZE=xx-large]Terms of payments[/SIZE]

  1. Opening Chargeback or Dispute leads for a Permanent Ban from all of our Services/Products
  2. You have 24h to Request a Refund on your Service/Product , After this Period you have no Right to Ask for Refund.
  3. All Your Data are Recorded on our System, in case of any Fraud we will use this information to sue you
  4. Your IP – Location – HWID – Email are Stored and Protected , we will use this information in case of Fraud
  5. We don’t sell any of our Customers Informations

[SIZE=xx-large]FAQ & Policies[/SIZE]

Can I Open Chargeback After Buying ?

NO, Opining Chargeback will get you Banned from using any of our product in future , you can contact us anytime to solve your problem .

Can i share my Key/account with Someone else of my Friends ?

NO , if you shared it your key/account will be banned

from the system and there will be no Refund in

this case , it’s locked to your hwid

Can someone Crack this tool and leak it for free ?

No , This tool has built in Protection process

we trying to make your money are safe but it’s not impossible

Can I pause my Key for Weekend or specific period ?

No , Your Key Start Counting once you Login with it for First Time

And Can’t be Paused or Stopped under any condition.

Can i Change my Windows After using your Tools ?

Yes , After Changing your Windows Contact us and

Request a HWID Reset , and you will be able access again

What Are Available Payment Methods ?

We Accept Paypal , Cryptocurrency , Western Union

Some Time we Disable Paypal for Account Problem/Limitation etc

is The Activation and Receiving my Code instant ?

if you bought while in stock you will get it instant

if not so you will just contact me to provide you a key


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